Leeds Leeds Leeds

A week of controversy, hard work and (a lack of) will-power.

Another week, another hot topic in football.

Unsurprisingly perhaps (to some) the big talking point was Le Hand of God, or Thierry Henry, to be more specific.  Ireland’s hopes of jetting off to South Africa next summer were crushed by Henry’s slightly illegal take on football. The clue is in the name Thierry.

Handball? No, this is football.

Fruitless appeals, rants and ‘expert’ opinions were pushed aside just days later as FIFA – (Forget Irish Football Altogether) confirmed what we all knew and said a replay just wasn’t going to happen. It’s pretty fair to say the matter has divided the opinions of football fans across the globe; on one hand, Henry cheated – whether he meant to or not and in the spirit of fair play, the French Football Federation (FFF) should offer to replay the match. On the other hand, cheating, be it diving, handballing or pole-axing an opposition player when the ref ain’t looking, has existed as long as football itself.

It happens week in, week out in pretty much every match, yet we don’t see them replayed – except Arsenal vs Sheffield United anyway. Obviously the match had *quite* a bit at stake, or £100m to the Irish economy; and while the President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter and the President of UEFA, Michel Platini may well have been exchanging gleeful texts that France had scraped into a tournament they scarcely deserved to be at, FIFA would have set a dangerous precedent by ordering a rematch. Immaterial highly as the FFF rejected the proposition in the first place.

Then there was the question over Henry; while most with anything to do with French football were failing to see what all the fuss was about and trying to take the ‘end justifies the means’ approach and palming the blame on the referee  – the former Arsenal striker was busy mustering a most sincere apology through the medium of Twitter. The harsher amongst us point to the fact that he picked up such bad habits in his Highbury days under a manager who did not see anything; and France coach Raymond Domenech had obviously borrowed Arsene Wenger’s rose tinted specs for the night.  While Domenech was blatantly sidestepping the issue, a former French international was somewhat more to the point as he gracefully pointed out the French coaches’ shortcomings.


Not necessarily bored actually, I just have too much to do. It doesn’t help that I keep getting distracted because procrastination is the order of the.. well, year. It’s ridiculously scary to think that it’s nearly the end of November, the Coca Cola Christmas advert has already been on for crying out loud; lovingly informing us that Christmas is only five weeks away.  I’ll have to fight my way through a mountain of assignments before I even consider starting getting ready for Christmas; before we know it, we’ll have graduated and still be working at the checkout in Tesco’s.

TIme to stop the online shopping and get the work done, methinks. Not before a quick clean of the living room though……..


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