Leeds Leeds Leeds

Good times, fun times, old times

University. Debts, hard work and naff resources. Ok they’re the rubbish bits but I miss it; the good bits like the social things, the endless nights of drinking and most importantly, the football matches.

I’d like to think that now I have a full time job that I spend my days off productively. Of course the reality is somewhat different. Like today, I went back to the island for Leeds Trinity Ladies’ match against Hull. Now the last time I was at an LTU Ladies match, it was my last as a player and likewise for several of my 3rd year team mates. We were going to go out on a high.

The other team never turned up.

The season was pretty average, lots of postponed matches blighted the year and with the state of the LTUC pitches, it’s not likely to change this time round but today, the match should have gone ahead.

So at 2.30, typical dreary weather swept around the island but there was no away side to be seen. 3pm and still, no team. Most of the LTU side couldn’t feel their toes and it was looking pretty bleak. 3.10pm and half the Hull team arrived and were immediately made to sign a form from LTU saying the match would be played under protest.

The match did get under way, around 3.30pm. It was freezing, it was getting dark and no one really wanted to play. The referee decided it would be 30 minutes each way owing to the lateness of the kick off which was agreed.

Things didn’t start well, LTU went 1-0 as their back line were beaten by the Hull strikers pace, she slotted past the keeper and everyone else started to feel that much colder. Not to be outdone, LTU pushed forward and the ball broke to Sam Budd; a good 25yards out, she wrapped her laces round the ball and sent a glorious shot well past the Hull keeper to bring the scores level. A beauty, which was a good three years in the making.. and probably won’t count if BUCS award LTU a default three points.

Sadly, the rest of the half was pretty awful and not something many will want to relive. The half finished 4-1.

Basically the whole thing was a farce. The match kicked off late, an hour and a half late! It should’ve taken that long for the Hull team to get to Leeds, did they think it was wise to set off at the same time the match kicked off?

Now while Hull didn’t object to playing the match under protest, they did take exception to the fact that LTU refused to play the 2nd half. It was getting dark, the rest of the half wouldn’t have been able to be played in full and LTU had sustained a number of needless injuries to two of their best players.

LTU left the field and 15minutes later emerged from the changing rooms and shockingly, it was dark and not just ‘cricket’ dark either. Too dark to play without floodlights yet the referee, in all his wisdom, is adamant the match would’ve been completed.

Whether LTU will be awarded the win remains to be seen in light of the above but the match never should have gone ahead that late. Hull may complain that they came a long way for nothing but turning up an 1.30hrs late for a match is hardly setting any sort of moral precedent. I mean, who does that? I’d be embarrassed to turn up that late, I’d have stayed at home.


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