Enough is enough

I only ‘discovered’ myself as a Leeds United fan around eight years ago but during that time, even on the brink of liquidation, I have never felt so angry, frustrated and disillusioned with the club as I do now.

It’s not this defeat, it’s the manner of it and all the context which precedes it, which makes it all the more infuriating. Every time I take to my netbook in anger after a particular aspect of LUFC or a related event riles me, I always seem to come back to the same problems. The same problems which have dogged Leeds for years, and certainly since Simon Grayson has been manager.

These problems at Leeds have long festered but been pushed under the carpet as Leeds carved out unlikely victories in the cups and trudged over the line to promotion after three seasons at our very lowest ebb. These problems are that the club, under Ken Bates have never looked seriously concentrated on investing in the team. Building a team (not a cunting hotel) for the future, a team which could be great; instead, we’ve lived off has-beens and loanees, freebies and lucked out on the occasional youngster from the academy.

Now these problems are coming home to roost because the finances generated from numerous cup runs, sales from our brightest young players and so on, are being ploughed into a venture which realistically, very few who have invested their hard earned in the club, want to see.

Financially viable club? There’ll be nothing left before long. We have few players with ANY value, no assets and a manager who should’ve walked weeks ago with his head held high. Now he is facing calls to get out and go quickly.

The problem for Grayson has long been covered as ‘not having any money from Bates to spend’. The excuse, whether it is one or not is arguable at the least, has long worn thin. Leeds fans want a manager who isn’t afraid to stand up be counted but Grayson has long peddled the Bates line and finds himself at his mercy after yet another unacceptable result.

His tactics have been questioned before, lets not forget, but more recently, Leeds have been living a charmed life on the pitch; ‘lady luck’ has been shining a pissing beacon over Elland Road and somehow, we’ve been picking up points. Mercifully, the run of luck had to end and it has, spectacularly.

One of the most frustrating aspects of the game was that the first half was one of the best halves we’ve played for a very long time. We set about Birmingham from the off, high tempo, high line, pressure. It worked, chances came and went, Luciano Becchio missing some sitters before Ross McCormack put Leeds ahead.

The eternal walking titanic of a defence was still shaky though and somehow, Tom Lees and Darren O’Dea were contriving to lose Nikola Zigic in the box, despite the fact that he’s really fucking tall. Not goalkeeper tall, Gullivers pissing Travels tall.

And this is the problem. We have rarely, if ever under Grayson had a captain at the back who was the rock, the centre back who you could always rely on. Yes a few showed some promise or strung a few games together, like Paddy Kisnorbo, Rich Naylor and Sam Sodje (what happened to him by the way?) but Grayson seems to find it impossible to come to terms with the FACT our defence is utterly shite. As a defender himself, surely he finds it disappointing – at best, yet it is a problem which he never seems to have actively set out to solve and NO, Andy O’Brien is not the solution before anyone says owt.

That aside, because this is raking over old ground, it’s getting to the point where there’s nowt left to rake over because it’s ALL BEEN DONE BEFORE.

As I alluded to, I’m a pissed off Leeds fan and boy, I know I’m not the only one and hey Bates, it ain’t the fucking minority. I’ve just paid out (*ahem* over 6 months) to renew my season ticket – I  might add I did it yesterday, £516 to watch that pissing shower of SHIT for another year! I applaud the fans who have had enough to the point they can say, ‘No, I’m not renewing’; I wish I could do the same but Leeds is a dirty addiction which costs thousands of pounds, takes up too much of my time and which never does me any fucking good.

I want to say, ‘Kiss my skinny, yellow arse Bates, not another fucking penny!’ but I damned if those in control at the club will drive me away from the club I love, despite their best efforts.

Look at the crowd tonight Leeds, 19,000 my BACKSIDE! Don’t make me laugh. Just count yourselves lucky this result didn’t come sooner; even the Grayson lovers and Bates apologists are getting restless.

I mean, what will it take for people to OPEN THEIR EYES and see what is happening with the club? Save for a few lucky results, we’d be in freefall in the league. Grayson has taken us further than he should’ve been able to and he can do no more. Even if he did grow a pair, it’d carry him til summer at best. Yeh, what’s the alternative? Neil Warnock? Fucking hell, I hope not but hey, he has bollocks, he tells it how it is. Grayson could learn a two or thing from him.

Come on Simon, at which point do you think asking a midget-sized central midfielder to mark a fucking lamppost of a striker would be a good idea? Well?? Poor Zac Thompson, do the basics right for crying out loud, the poor fucker never stood a chance!

It says it all that when Grayson needed to change things, he looked at his bench and thought, ‘Shit’. He had nothing and why did he have nothing? Because he signed the shower of shit that was sat on the damn thing. Ramon Nunez, Michael Brown, Alex Bruce or Danny Pugh, the same Danny Pugh whom Grayson was – according to Eddie Gray, ‘desperate’ to sign and there is he, on the pissing bench! Not that I think he should’ve started I must add, it just says it all that the only player we’ve forked out some proper money for in a while is warming the bench. Unbelievable.

Yet ANOTHER transfer window has come and gone without Leeds making any quality additions to the squad, despite Grayson constantly saying every week pretty much, that he would have ‘a few new faces’ in before the weekend. Did he think if he said it enough he’d believe it’d magically happen? Even he must’ve smirked at the irony of mentioning the emergency loan window.

The funny thing is, the poor sod Grayson sounded as low as I’ve ever heard after the game, almost exasperated but somewhat resigned to his fate. It won’t be a surprise if he is sacked any time in the near future. Thanks for the memories Larry, but enough is enough. Shut that door (on the way out).


3 thoughts on “Enough is enough

  1. That. sir, is a rant of real quality. I have struggled to justify to myself, let alone others, the reason why I inevitably renewed my season ticket again – I hung on until 22:55 last night. As you say, it’s an addiction which is expensive, time-consuming and, at times like these, humiliating. Like you, Bates will not stop me indulging in that addiction and, as important to me, he will not stop me taking my 6 year old lad whose number 1 love in life is LUFC. Oh, and your use of profanities is quite simply outstanding! Thanks. Tom

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