About me

Welcome to my blog, Three Colours White and thanks for being here.

This is a sort of haven; a place to escape, an outlet for thousands of snippets of anger, ecstasy and frustrations which come together into musings about Leeds United.

I followed Leeds United for a number of years before getting a season ticket on the kop with my Dad in 2008/9, I think it was. Since then, I have followed the club home and away and endured some of the lowest points in Leeds’ history. From Yeovil to Carlisle, the journeys have been long, hard, expensive and extremely trying.

I’d rather like to think that these works, much like the film of the blog title is a reflection of my ‘hopeful pessimism’ if you will, which constantly settles as my state of mind when following Leeds; a reflection of the gallows of my fellow fans although regularly touched by bitterness.

I hope to achieve nothing more than the nod of agreement, or the sly smirk or any other emotion that invokes agreement, empathy or debate and comment.

I hope you enjoy it. Because the football will have invariably, been shit.



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